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Detail of Tour
Departures: To Consult Spaces.
Duration: 8 Days / 7 Night.
Frequency: The whole year.
Type: Ecological, adventure.

DAY 1:

Pick you up from the hotel at morning in one of our vehicles properly equipped for the route, on the road we will appreciate beautiful scenery and picturesque villages, until Ninamarca Chullpas (visit the place), and then go to Paucartambo typical colonial town preserves a colorful charming. Continuing the journey we will ascent at 3,850 meters Acjanacu then descend to the cloud forest, an area rich in endemic species such as cock of the rock, orchids among others, spend the night comfortably installed in the shelter Orchids of San Pedro .

DAY 2:

Early morning before breakfast, we will settle in a camouflaged observation deckto properly appreciate the interesting courtship dance of the Cock of the Rock,who has a striking plumage of red-orange intense, this bird is considered the national bird of Peru, then continue our journey by bus, crossing the high forest, arriving at the town of Pilcopata, then to the port of Atalaya, the same found on the banks of the River Alto Madre de Dios, located at 700m place in which we begin the descent down the river for 15 minutes, we will observe the great diversity of species of birds such as herons, vultures, cormorants, etc.. up to the private reserve of "Erika", hike through the interesting trail system that this transitional area betweenhigh and lowland rainforest. Overnight at the lodge. 

1: Descent from San Pedro Lodge (1700 mals) Cloud Forest to Pilcopata (700mals) high forest by mountain bikes.

2: From Pilcopata to Erika Lodge, embark on a journey of approximately 1 ½ to 2 ½hours boating running rapids class II and III by the rivers Koshñipata and Alto Madre de Dios, past the spectacular Pong Koñeq where we will enjoy the scenery and a swim in its sparkling waters.

DAY 3:

After breakfast, we board our boat to sail along the River Alto Madre de Dios about 4 hours for the airfield at Boca Manu (Optional flight from Cusco - Boca Manu - possibility to some passengers to join the group departed by land, the flight takes 45 minutes). On the way we will observe birds like swallows, flycatchers, black skimmers, herons crested kingfishers, flycatchers, etc.. In the village of Boca Manu is possible to buy the latest provisions. Little walk around. Boca night in the hostel.

DAY 4:

This day we will appreciate different parrot species, they gather each morning in the called "Collpa de guacamayos" food at a clay wall, we can see different species of parrots like the white eyed parakeet, blue headed parrot, macaw Maracano among others. After enjoying this experience we headed Limonal checkpoint,where we will present the relevant documents to enter the Reserved Zone, then boarded our boat to go to Cocha Salvador, in the route we will see river turtles, alligators, exotic birds mammals, among others, to reach Manu Cocha will settle in the hostel, the same is duly equipped with fully meshed rooms, bathrooms with shower, dining room, radio communications, photovoltaics. In the afternoon we go to the Lake Salvador to enjoy a thrilling walk until night falls. Overnight at the lodge.

DAY 5:

Early in the morning we will explore the stears Cocha Salvador, appreciate the exotic flora of the place, wildlife rutinal in his diary as the Black Caiman, Giant Otter, the hoatzin, among others, all making use of the catamaran, return to the lodge to enjoy breakfast. Then we will continue through primary forest with a diversity of species, arriving after 4 hours of hiking Otorongo, lagoon where there is an observation tower of 15meters of height in which we will have the opportunity to appreciate the surrounding primary forest landscape and more likely to see the resident family of giant otters, as well as great opportunities to observe birds that inhabit the canopies. Overnight at the lodge of Cocha Salvador.Salvador.

DAY 6:

This day we will continue to explore around the Cocha Salvador, which shows an endless

variety. It twice is not enough ... then we go toward the boat to go until the Isle of the valley which lies downstream, in this live-born families, going on this island walk through the American toad, frogs, horns, tree frogs and a host of colorful insects. We turn then to Boca Manu, a small village located at the confluence of the Manu and Alto Madre de Dios. At this point, the river takes the name of Madre de Dios, in the evening, we will arrive to the Private Reserve of Juan de Dios where walking through the interesting trail system, spend a nightsurrounded on the magic of the Amazon rainforest. Possibility of a short night walk. Overnight at the lodge.

DAY 7:

Breakfast repairman at the hostel, take the boat that will take us to Boca Manu airport where there is the option of taking the flight back to Cusco, otherwise navigate the Alto Madre de Dios river, always observing the enormous diversity of birds . Overnight camping on an appropriate beach and enjoy our last night in this exciting and wonderful forest. 

DAY 8:

We get up very early in the morning to continue sailing to the port of Atalaya where we will arrive at dusk and then we take the bus back to Cusco arriving at night or the next day early in the morning. Transport to hotel in Cusco.

  • Camp team.
  • Complete (vegetarian option also available) food.
  • Specialized bilingual guides (English / Spanish).
  • Steps to obtain entrance permission to the National Park of Manu.
  • Transport terrestrial (trucks type overland and vans 4x4).
  • Transport air (according to option).
  • Transport fluvial (it floats of boats with motor outside of overboard, roofed).
  • Captain Team and full bicycles and boating if you take the option.
  • 01 Night in Orchids of San Pedro.
  • 01 Night in the housing Erika.
  • Teams of radial communication in all the demurrage points.
  • Satellite telephone for emergencies.
  •  Guardianship of luggage.
  • Box of security for documents and values.
Not Include:
  • Breakfast of the first day.
  •  Entrance to the Reserved National Zone Park of Manu / 150 per person Prices subject to change without notice.
  • Taxes of airports.
  • Soda, alcoholic drinks.
  • Tips.
We Recommend to Take:
  • Sleeping Bag.
  • Towel, bath suit, sandals, and implements of personal hygiene.
  • Slippers and walk boots.
  • Lantern with piles.
  • Hat or cap, eyeglasses for the sun, sun block.
  • Repellent of insects.
  • Raincoat, shirts of long sleeve and cotton pants.
  • Warm clothes.
  • Binocular, photographic Camera (preference rolls ROAST 400).
  • Baggage backpack and small backpack, bags of plastic.
  • A bottle of water for the first day.