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Detail of Tour:
DEPARTURES:  Every day 
FREQUENCY: The whole year
TYPE: Adventure.

Height of the Jump: 122 m. (400.26 feet)
Total of Fall: (400.26 feet)
Weight: User among 40 Kg. (88.10 Lbs.) and 200Kg. (330.3 Lbs.)

Duration: 15 minutes

Our Bungee Jump is the highest in America. This activity is carried out from a hut that ascends at 122m. Of mediating height the action of a hydraulic Winche. The jump is made with an elastic special league for this type of activities that is assured to the client's user feet. This elastic league is cared and its use is in function of a maximum limit of jumps. Each jump is registered by our personnel, allowing this way to make sure that the league is not used more than that indicated by the norms of security and that always this under perfect conditions. Arriving to the maximum limit of jumps. The elastic rope is discarded, intersecting in pieces so that it doesn't use again. This way we guarantee that the teams that we use are under perfect conditions. Additionally to this elastic League, the client user takes a harness in the body of where she makes sure a tape of security, with a longitude of maximum stretching of 107 meters and a resistance capacity to a weight of two tons.

This tape of security, besides providing an additional security to the client user, avoids that the elastic league stretches out more than the normal thing, braking the jump, of being necessary to the 107 meters high. This activity is developed more or less between about 10 and 15 minutes, of which 3 minutes are of ascent of the hut until the 122 meters, and other so many of descent.


Maximum Height: 120m. (393.70 feet)
Acceleration: 3.2G
Weight: User among 40 Kg. (88.10 Lbs.) and 200Kg. (330.3 Lbs.)
Duration: 15 minutes

Our Slingshot or catapult is the highest in the world. He/she comes to be something like that as the reverse of Bungee Jump. The client user takes a harness in the body a similar league you/he/she is used that of Bungee Jump. . The client user is assured to the floor with a special system of anchorage while the league stretches out as the hut rises. The personnel of instructions regulates the stretching of the league, in function of the speed with the one that the client user 

If you want to be thrown (half speed or maximum speed).

Once stretched the League at the wanted level, "The Trigger" is worked that liberates the client user, leaving this shot by the airs in an elevation angle predetermined by the technicians that designed the system.


Height: 30 m. (98.4 feet)
System. Metallic Bodies
Pesos: up to 120kg.
Duration: 15 minutes

Our giant pendulum or JIVE consists in that the client user is suspended with a harness of security (tossed) to meter and half of the floor with steel cables that hang between two of a bridge parallel towers of 30m. of height. Then, the user, from a third tower in the later part of the other two parallel towers, it is lifted around 20 at 30m. of the floor and then loosing the one emptied to carry out a giant pendulum from the moment of their fall. The fall height is adjustable according to the client's pleasure.


Height: 10 m. (32.8 feet)
Wide of the Wall: 8m. (26.2 feet)
Wall Type: In "L" with invested area
Difficulty Technique: It Lowers / Lowers
Duration: 20 min.

An escalade was experienced in its more basic and simpler form. They participate the strength value and genius to elaborate the ascent route. The client takes a waist harness with an escalade rope for her security, the rope, is low the control of an instructor in the floor. Diverse routes exit each one of different difficulty for all the ages.


Height: 60m. (196.8 feet)
Journey: 200m. (656.1 feet)
Difficulty Technique: It Lowers / Lowers
Duration: 30 minutes

You will descend from a height 60 meters (approximately 187 feet) and with a journey 200 meters (approximately 650 feet) on the Park, through a steel cable reaching a speed of up to 50 Km./hour (90 miles / hour); with a very sure later descent to a reduced speed. 
It is an unique experience where the emotion and the security are guaranteed.


The game is a mockery of a war that consists on two teams that fight one against the other one being about conquering the contrary opponent.
The game is carried out in a field with obstacles and defenses where the players can hide or to cover of the bullets of the contrary team.
The game has a referee that is the one in charge of seeing who this disqualified.
Each team has to form its game strategy to be able to conquer to the contrary team.
The objective of the game is to take the flag of the contrary team without being eliminated.

Each player receives an uniform, a gun, he chewed of protection, handkerchief for the head, neck and gloves. Each game is of 100 bullets.

The game is divided in two shifts of 50 bullets each shift. 


American Fox Risks, it has the highest technology of teams for the realization of activities of high risk. As specialists from 1996 in BUNGEE JUMP and SLINGSHOT have an in agreement true team of operations with the demands of the norms of security.
Our used teams are marks like PETZL, MOUNTAIN GEAR which are verified daily for the due control of security.

Our sensible Bungee is prepared especially for different pesos:

SMALL: 42 - 63 kg 
MEDIUM: 64 - 85 kg 
LARGE: 86 - 98 kg 
X-LARGE: 99 - 130 kg 
XX-LARGE: 131 - 170 kg 

Teams Bungee Jump and Sling Shot:

RNA OF BODY: Resistance of 500 kg. (Harness of security) 
TOBILLERAS OF JUMP: Resistance of 350 kg.


MOSQUETONES: Of 5 tons of resistance. 
TAPES OF SECURITY: Resistance of 2 tons